Name: Rodney Mushero
Occupation: Technical Support Specialist
School: St. Norbert College Graduated 2015
Current Position: Technical Support Specialist - Cellcom-De Pere

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Circus Model store v2.0

Hi, I'm Rodney Mushero


It's been busy the past four years 7/24/13

I've been working on some projects that anyone who looks at this site may be interested in seeing. My father has a website here that promotes his hobby of making and selling model circus tents. It is a few years old and needed a revamp. I present to you Circus Model store v2.0. Have a look around and shoot me a message via email.

As you may have noticed there is not much here. Not yet at least. Check back soon and you will see the magic I've made. In the months to come, I will have several different pages showing what I have learned in web design and to prove I can be a valuable developer.

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